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Electronic Court Return on Investment

In today’s lean budget environment, many courts are faced with the challenge of doing more with less. Turning to information technology solutions to meet this challenge, many courts and clerks have accelerated their plans to go paperless. These court clerks also have made significant staffing investments to implement document scanning procedures and support electronic filing. But they are finding that because they are unable to provide an efficient electronic solution to their judges for use in the courtroom, they still have to maintain and deliver paper files.

To maximize your ROI, it is necessary to provide a judicial tool for judges and their staff to complete the electronic workflow.

How much can you save?

Use the ROI calculator to identify your annual savings with aiSmartBench.

Calculations are from the Filing Page Savings Per Year by the National Center for State Courts
Intake, Storage & Use savings  = $0.58 per page
Intake Only = $0.22 per page