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About aiSmartBench®

As counties across the U.S. transition to paperless courtrooms, jurisdictions are struggling to provide their judges with a tool that can handle the high volume / high-speed demands of a court docket. aiSmartBench is built on a proven document platform that has been managing high volumes of scanned documents for more than 15 years. This platform is critical to executing split-second, full-text searches of even scanned documents, which makes aiSmartBench the tool judges are embracing.

A Judicial eSolution that Closes the Loop

aiSmartBench provides a fast path to eEverything: an efficient means for routing eSigned documents and key filing information without requiring manual intervention. eSigned orders are eRouted by way of the eFiling Portal and then eDocketed into the Case Management System. This paperless pathway from the court system to the case system reduces docketing time and eliminates the staff cost of handling, storing, and securing of paper orders. This is all possible with aiSmartBench – the most efficient means for eEverything.

Circular graphic depicting flow of aiSMARTBENCH products

Connected to Your Existing CMS

aiSmartBench stands in a class of its own by not requiring a specific CMS as its underlying source of data.  Already integrated into several off-the-shelf and home-grown solutions, it is the only solution that connects to ANY case or document management system.